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Lizard Articles Page

These are some news clippings I kept in an old photo album from my days as a Lizard 1986 to 1991. Some of these are not dated, but you can pretty much tell when these were generated. As you can see, old Bilton-Smith was a pretty busy PIO. Matter of fact, most of these were written by Andy and a few by other Lizard PIO's.

If you have an Lizard article you'd like scanned and posted contact me at mark@thirddaytribe.com.

This article is about the PacEx we did in 1989 which included 3 Carriers and 2 Battleships

Another article on us towards the end of the '88 cruise

An awards article for several Lizards

"Works Ups" article. The start of sweat con one! I could almost hide behind Terry back then

Battle "E" article for 1988

Another Battle "E" & Safety "S" article for 1988 with CAG "Bullet Bob" Canepa

Hey.. a monthly Bombing competition article

AME1 Weber and I EAWS article

1988 Intruder of the Year article

Another 1988 Intruder of the Year article

In not sure when this was written, but it was for the Lizard newsletter back home to our families.
I think Terry Linton penned this with some collaboration from Jon "the wad" Ament

Can you believe it? An all Air Force crewed Intruder launch off the Enterprise

One component of our Triple Crown award. This was awesome Bravo Zulu for us in 88

Gee whiz! How many of these did we earn during 85-90? hehe

Another Safety "S" article

Another article on how we "rocked"