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The Jerry Punkiewics Collection

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Jerry Punkiewics

Jerry was a Lizard who worked in the Airframes shop on our 1986 cruise, and troubleshooter shck on the 1988 cruise. Thanks for the pics Jerry.....

jpunk003.jpg - 16355 Bytes
Jerry Punkiewics as a Plane Captian

jpunk009.jpg - 15049 Bytes
Jerry once again, this time the Intruder is armed with a Harpoon...

jpunk022.jpg - 22889 Bytes
Jerry with another plane captain 1986 cruise

jpunk023.jpg - 18872 Bytes
Another shot of Jerry

jpunk021.jpg - 21929 Bytes
Spike Robbins, Jerry Punkiewics, Denny Wierich on our 86 cruise. We are of course playing friggin Spades

jpunk001.jpg - 7512 Bytes
Lizard shooting off Cat 4

jpunk002.jpg - 8539 Bytes
Nice shot of the pointy end of the Enterprise from "vultures row.."

jpunk007.jpg - 14927 Bytes
Another pic of the 6-pack and bow during launch ops

jpunk004.jpg - 9643 Bytes
This is a cruiser steaming along side of the Enterprise

jpunk005.jpg - 12221 Bytes
S-3 Viking ready to launch

jpunk012.jpg - 22417 Bytes
General Quarters, General Quarters

jpunk013.jpg - 18379 Bytes
General Quarters "Acey Ducey" champs.... Ummmm. Guess we are guilty!

jpunk020.jpg - 15534 Bytes
Murial in one of the Squadron berthing spaces

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