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Welcome to Spike's VA 95 Green Lizard website. The premier website dedicated to the men of the 95th All Weather Medium Attack Squadron. I created this site for my ATKRON 95 brothers. I hope you boys step back in time, re-visit your youth and enjoy this site. Feel free to contribute to this site.

It's been an honor to of been a part of this great squadron and to have worked with some great young men. VA 95 has always been at the point of action in our history. Starting out in World War II as Torpedo Squadron Twenty (VT20), the Korean Conflict, and Operation Eagle Lift. The Green Lizards flew in support of the Mayaguez incident, Ernest Will missions, Operation Southern Watch and was directly involved in Operation Praying Mantis. Wherever there has been action in our great Nations history..., the Green Lizards were there to answer the call when tasked. You can read more about the Green Lizards in the history links pages.

Now I get emails all the time from old Lizards and sometimes from ancient Lizards too. If your looking for a Lizard buddy. The best way to locate former Lizards is to join the Facebook community, enlist in the Intruder Association, join the Military.com VA-95 Page. Or... , if you were a Green Lizard at any time in your Navy career, check in with Spike. Drop me an email at mark@thirddaytribe.com so I can add you to my Lizard contact list. Be sure to include your email address, physical address, phone number and hows about telling me what you've been up to since your old Lizard days.

...And dont forget to join the Intruder Association too! They got plenty of officers in the Association, but are looking to expand its rank with us enlisteds.

For those of you interested in any upcoming Green Lizard reunions, check out at my Green Lizard Reunion News. If there is any news of a reunion, I will post it in there

We love all Lizards. From our Spad days to when we de-commissioned. Every Lizard, and any aircraft platform we operated is welcome here. There is a lot of A-6 Intruder content here. So if your a Lizard brother in the Scooter and Spad communities I'd love to work on site content for you guys too. Im always looking for Green Lizard content. So please send me your stories, news clippings, and photographs.

Spike's Green Lizard Years

I spent 5 years as a Green Lizard from March 1986 to Feb of 1991. I made the '86, the '88 and the '90/91 cruises with the 95th All Weather Attack Squadron. While I enjoyed my 12 years in the Navy, the best years spent was with AKTRON 95. Some of the bennies I got while a Green Lizard were:

I earned my Navy Achievement medal(NAM) with the Lizards
I was CAP'd (meritoriously promoted) to E-6 while a Lizard
Earned my Enlisted Aviation Warfare wings (EAWS)
Got some cool tattoos over in the PI
We were a key player in Operation Praying Mantis
We did Earnest Will missions
Made friends with guys I still keep in touch with today
And most importantly, I learned how to play Spades and Acey Ducey

Heck... what can I say. My best days in the Navy were my Green Lizard years, I can look back today and see just how much God blessed me and favored me when I was there. Thank you Jesus for that time and season...

What Is Spike Up Too Today!

Now I bet most of you that knew me are wondering just what the heck I'm up too these days. Well, lets take a moment and imagine that over time people change and that the old "Spike" ya'll knew waaaay back when, sure aint the same guy today. The biggest change for me has been fatherhood and serving the King of Kings. I'm currently living in a little farm town of about 350 people here in Nebraska. As a Kingdom citizen, you can check out my Spike's Spiritual Resume to read all about that or visit my blog. May God Bless each and every one of my Lizard and Intruder brothers

Chattin With Spike!

Want to hash out and re-live old times. If you can find me on Yahoo or MS Messenger. Send me a chat at "ThirdDayTribe" I use the same "handle" for all chat services.

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