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VA 95 Green Lizards;

The First VA 95

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Originally established as Torpedo Squadron TWENTY (VT-20) on 15 October 1943. Then redesignated as Attack Squadron TEN A (VA-10A) on 15 November 1946. Later redesignated as Attack Squadron NINETY FIVE (VA-95) on 12 August 1948. Attack Squadron 95 was disestablished on 30 November 1949.

The first squadron to be designated VA-95.

Squadron Insignia and Nickname:

The squadrons insignia was approved by CNO on 21 March 1944. The colors for the squadron vulture insignia were: background of light blue with an inner circle of white and a black outer circle; the bird was pearl gray with white highlights and outlined in black; the leg and ruff of feathers around the neck were white with blue markings; the head, neck and feet a drab yellow, and the beak was black; the torpedo had shades of gray with a white, black and yellow streak, the nose was black and the torpedo was outlined in black; streaks emanating from the nose of the torpedo were blue and white.

Chronology of Significant Events

1 Sep 1944: The squadrons first combat action involved strikes against shore installations on Chichi Jima in the Bonin Islands.

Sep 1944: Squadron aircraft participated in strikes against Palau Islands in preparation for and support of the landings on Peleliu Island.

Oct 1944: The squadron participated in strikes against Okinawa, Formosa and Luzon in preparation for and support of the landings on Leyte.

15 Oct 1944: Lieutenant Edward B. Holley, flying a squadron TBM, shot down a Zero, Mitsubishi A6M fighter, over Luzon.

24 Oct 1944: The squadron participated in the Battle for Leyte Gulf. VT-20’s TBM-1Cs flew sorties against a powerful Japanese surface force in the Sibuyan Sea. These attacks contributed to the sinking of the mighty Musashi, one of the two largest battleships in the world.
The following squadron personnel were awarded the Navy Cross for their action against the Japanese task force: Ensigns W. T. Ross, W. J. Schaller, and G. Swint III; Lieutenant (jg) M. Throwbridge; Lieutenants C. H. H. Dickey, E. B. Holley, and R. E. McHenry, and Lieutenant Commander S. L. Prickett.

25 Oct 1944: Squadron aircraft were part of the Fast Carrier Task Force that attacked the Japanese carrier force in the Battle of Cape Engano. Four Japanese carriers were sunk during this engagement.
The following squadron personnel were awarded the Navy Cross for their action during the Battle of Cape Engano: Ensigns T. E. Armour, J. L. Baxter, M. H. Krouse, and C. D. Leeper; Lieutenant (jg)s P. H. Bradley and C. F. Schlegel; and Lieutenants J. H. Howell, Jr., M. L. Leedom, E. E. Rodenburg, and R. J. Savage.

Nov 1944: The squadron participated in strikes against a Japanese troop convoy in Ormoc Bay, Leyte and enemy positions on Luzon. Dec 1944: Strikes were flown against Luzon in preparation for the landings at Lingayan Gulf, Luzon. Jan 1945: Squadron aircraft flew strikes against Luzon, Formosa, Hong Kong, Japanese convoys in South China Sea and along coast of French Indochina, and Okinawa.

12 Jan 1945: Lieutenant J. N. Howell, Jr and Lieutenant (jg) M. Throwbridge were awarded the Silver Star Medal for their action against a Japanese cruiser that was protecting a convoy off the coast of French Indochina. Their attacks contributed to the sinking of the cruiser.

Commanding Officers
LCDR David E. Dressendorfer 15 Oct 1943
LCDR J. J. Maechtlen Jul 1947
LCDR Samuel L. Prickett 27 Dec 1943
LCDR James N. Howell, Jr. 16 Apr 1945
LCDR Charles C. Ainsworth 07 Feb 1949
Home Port Assignments
NAS San Diego 15 Oct 1943
NAS Barbers Point 21 Apr 1944
NAS Puunene 17 Jun 1944
NAS San Diego 23 Feb 1945
NAAF Lewiston 16 Apr 1945
NAS Edenton Jun 1945
NAAS Elizabeth City 02 Nov 1945
NAAS Charlestown 21 Mar 1946
Aircraft Assignment Type
TBF-1/TBM-1 Nov 1943
TBM-1C Feb 1944
TBM-3E Jul 1945
AD-1 01 Aug 1949

Unit Awards Received

Navy Unit Commendation
31 Aug 1944
18 Sep 1944
10 Oct 1944
22 Nov 1944
Presidential Unit Commendation
14 Dec 1944
16 Dec 1944
03 Jan 1945
22 Jan 1945
Campaign Medal (Asiatic-Pacific)
31 Aug 1944
18 Sep 1944
10 Oct 1944
22 Nov 1944
14 Dec 1944
16 Dec 1944
03 Jan 1945
22 Jan 1945
Major Overseas Deployments Date of Date of Air Type of Area of Departure Return Wing Carrier Aircraft Operation 16 Aug 1944 23 Nov 1944 CVG-20 CV 6

TBM-1C Pacific 23 Nov 1944 02 Feb 1945 CVG-20 CV 16† TBM-1C Pacific 09 Feb 1948 26 Jun 1948 CVAG-9 CV 47 TBM-3E Carib/Med Air Wing Assignments Air Wing Tail Code Assignment Date CVG-20/CVAG-9/ PS/D† 15 Oct 1943 CVG-9*

Established as CVG-20 on 15 October 1943. Redesignated CVAG-9 on 15 November 1946. CVAG-9 redesignated CVG-9 on 1 September 1948. CVG-9 was disestablished on 1 December 1949.

The tail code PS was assigned to Philippine Sea (CV 47) and CVG- 9 in 1946. In 1948 the tail code for CVG-9 was changed to D.