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VA 95 Green Lizards;

The Second VA 95

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The second VA-95 lineage established as Attack Squadron NINETY FIVE (VA-95) was on March 26th 1952. After 18 years service VA 95 was disestablished again on 1 April 1970.

The squadrons insignia was approved by CNO on 16 January 1957.

Colors for the knight plumed helmet were: black background on left hand side and silver on the right half of the circular design, with a silver outline on the left and a black outline on the right; silver mace and black sword; the left side of the helmet was silver with green and black markings; the right side of the helmet was green with silver markings; the plume was red; and the scroll was silver, outlined in black with green lettering.

Skyknights, 1957–1963.
Green Lizards, 1963–1970.

Chronology of Significant Events

Jan 1963: The squadron participated in cross deck operations with the British carrier HMS Hermes while operating in the western Pacific.

May 1963: Following the military losses of Lao neutralists to the Pathet Lao in the Plaine de Jarres, Laos, Ranger (CVA 61) transited to the South China Sea to support possible operations in Laos.

Nov 1964–Apr 1965: The squadron participated in support for photo reconnaissance missions and conducted strikes against targets in Laos.

7 Feb 1965: Following a Viet Cong attack against the American advisors compound at Pleiku, South Vietnam, the President ordered a reprisal strike against North Vietnam, named Flaming Dart I. The squadrons target was the Vit Thu Lu Barracks. However, the strike turned back due to poor weather conditions.

11 Feb 1965: Squadron aircraft participated in Flaming Dart II, retaliatory strikes against the Chanh Hoa military barracks near Dong Hoi, North Vietnam.

Mar 1965: The squadron participated in Rolling Thunder strikes against the Phu Qui ammunition depot in North Vietnam.

Apr 1966: The squadron departed Norfolk, Virginia, en route to Vietnam as part of an air wing composed only of attack squadrons.

Sep 1969: Following a coup that overthrew the Libyan monarchy the USS Kennedy (CVA 67) cut short its visit to Cannes, France, and departed for operations in the Ionian Sea. The United States later extended diplomatic recognition to the new Libyan government.

Home Port Assignments
NAS Alameda 26 Mar 1952
NAS Moffett Field 08 Mar 1962
NAS Lemoore 01 Apr 1963
NAS Alameda 04 Aug 1968
Commanding Officers
LCDR Samuel B. Berrey 26 Mar 1952
LT L. Wilson (acting) 1953
CDR David L. Berrey Aug 1953
CDR John C. Allman Oct 1954
CDR Donald L. Irgens Jan 1955
CDR Martin J. Stack Sep 1956
CDR F. L. Brady 21 Mar 1958
CDR Rollin E. Gray, Jr. 20 Apr 1958
CDR Carl Weisse 04 Mar 1959
CDR R. R. Renaldi 02 Sep 1960
CDR Stanley F. Abele 13 Jun 1961
CDR H. G. Silliman 17 Jul 1962
CDR Harold J. Zenner 19 Jul 1963
CDR Dwight E. DeCamp 05 Jun 1964
CDR G. E. Jacobssen, Jr. 15 Jun 1965
CDR F. E. O’Connor, Jr. 10 Jun 1966
CDR W. E. Ohlrich, Jr. 26 Jun 1967
CDR M. A. Benero, Jr. 1968
CDR J. K. Hassett 02 Jul 1969
Aircraft Assignment Type
F6F-5 21 Apr 1952
AD-1 19 May 1952
AD-4NA 03 Jul 1952
AD-4 Sep 1952
AD-4L Oct 1952
AD-6/A-1H* Oct 1953
AD-7/A-1J* Sep 1956
A-4C 15 Jul 1965
A-4B 05 Dec 1965
A-4C Sep 1968

* The AD-6 and AD-7 designations were changed to A-1H and A-1J in 1962.

Unit Awards Received

Korean Presidential Unit Commendation
25 Jan 1953
27 Jul 1953
Navy Unit Commendation
31 Jan 1953
27 Jul 1953
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
19 Sep 1964
20 Sep 1964
01 Oct 1964
09 Oct 1964
28 Nov 1964
30 Dec 1964
17 Jan 1965
17 Mar 1965
04 Apr 1965
13 Apr 1965
15 May 1966
15 Jun 1966
08 Jul 1966
10 Aug 1966
01 Sep 1966
23 Sep 1966
02 Oct 1966
18 Oct 1966